Question Block eReader / iPad Cover

$68.95 USD


Product Description

What's inside? Is it a power up? An invigorating mushroom? Death from above? Chuck Testa? Nope! It's an eReader! A Nook, a Kindle, a Kobo, an iPad! Perfect to take with you on your quests, whether you're stomping on Goombas, kickin' it with Koopas, or saving royalty from the evil clutches of reptilian tyrants, don't leave home without your Question Block cover!

Designed to fit your reader or tablet in style, this handcrafted faux leather case will appeal to any Mario fans filled with the nostalgia of adventures, treasures, and princesses in other castles. It's bound like a traditional hardbound book, with a quality microsuede lining and durable straps to keep your reader snugly in place.

(Please indicate what kind of eReader or tablet you have when placing an order, and allow seven to ten business days to be crafted by our Toad smithies, and shipped from the Mushroom Kingdom.)

Question Block eReader / iPad Cover Question Block eReader / iPad Cover Question Block eReader / iPad Cover

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