Magic MTG Planeswalker Red eReader & iPad Cover

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Product Description

Red. Wild and chaotic, destructive in nature, and wielding the powers of earth, fire, and storm, red magic delights in terrifying sorceries and grand displays of power. It has been known to appeal to the highly creative and the impulsive, as well as to those with scores to settle. Striking like lightning, and channeling the wrath and devastation of an angry earth through mighty upheavals of rock and fire, red magic draws its energy from the very bones of the earth itself. It is awesome in its grandeur, grim and mighty in its determination, and leaves behind a trail of immense destruction in its wake. Beware its fury.

Inspired by the popular game Magic the Gathering, custom made to order, and sized to protect your exact model of eReader, iPad, or tablet, these covers are hand-crafted by our skilled artificers from fine faux leather and bound with microsuede. If it's not listed, please specify your exact model of device, and allow up to 7-10 business days for our arcanists to summon and ship your cover.

(Also available in a journal or sketchbook form, for an added fee. Please add the Customization Fee Listing found here to your cart when checking out to purchase the sketchbook option: )

Magic MTG Planeswalker Red eReader & iPad Cover Magic MTG Planeswalker Red eReader & iPad Cover Magic MTG Planeswalker Red eReader & iPad Cover

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