Custom Portal Posters

$29.95 USD


Product Description

Portal fans, make note! From the minds that brought you the Automatic Cake Dispensary, we've been hard at work doing what we must, because we can. At last, a huge success, a veritable triumph of technology and bewonderment. We present the Custom Portal Poster Generator!

Guaranteed to cover your wall, tabletop, or flat plane of choice, this portal boasts nearly a 70% reduction in radiation from most standard Aperture Laboratories portals. Simply send us your picture, our Resizing and Dithering Operating System (RaDOS for short) will make all necessary adjustments and precautions for deployment, and you'll receive your custom portal print in a Tubular Mailing Apparatus (which incidentally can double as a sword or billy club).

Get a matched set to cover two locations, full or mini-posters to adorn your bedroom, office or workplace! Make your friends jealous! Enrage, frustrate and confuse your local AIs! Gaze longingly into its depths at places you may never see. Brought to you by Geekify Inc, where no cake is ever a lie.

Buy one for $29.95, and a matched pair for $54.95!

**Please note that for best results, pictures of at least 6 megapixels are advised.**

Custom Portal Posters Custom Portal Posters Custom Portal Posters Custom Portal Posters

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