Auryn Neverending Story Pendant

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Product Description

Straight out of Fantasia, this Auryn pendant is a must-have for girlfriends, your precious Childlike Empresses, your Purple Buffalo-hunting warrior friends, for school children prone to being bullied, or for the nostalgic collector.

The twin snakes endlessly consuming each other bring back the fond memories of luck dragons, rock biters, swamp turtles, flying dogs, and playing hooky from class to increase one's literacy. A work of art unto itself, this pendant is nickel-free, measures 4.5 cm (just under 2"), is a brassy bronze in color, and just the thing to aid you on your quest. It grants wishes*! Answers phones**! Does taxes***! Increases nerd appeal, and geek charisma!

Truly, this pendant is the stuff of dreams, and a worthy addition to any wardrobe.

*Does not grant wishes
**Does not answer phones
***Does not do taxes

(Also available as a two-toned silver and gold option, hand painted with silver enamel - please specify which style you'd prefer at checkout)

**Please note - we're doing our best to ensure that all domestic orders placed before Dec 18th reach their destination in time for Christmas. International orders will need to pay expedited shipping. Rush order and shipping is available for an extra fee**

Auryn Neverending Story Pendant Auryn Neverending Story Pendant Auryn Neverending Story Pendant Auryn Neverending Story Pendant

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